This Man Came Up With A Brilliant Way To Get His Tinder Match's Number

Even the most ridiculous methods are useful to get your crush’s number on Tinder...

On dating apps, you can meet all sorts of people. Some may approach with a gif, others with a simple, but let's be honest, pretty boring "hey". Then there are those, funny or not, who come up with something original. This user posted his unusual strategy on reddit, showing snapshots of his conversation.

“A lost duck walks into a forest, wondering which direction he ought to go,” begins the man. His answers is “left”. “The duck waddles on and eventually comes to a lake. Further along the shore is a bridge that leads to the other side. He wonders whether to use the bridge or just swim across.

He decides on the bridge as nightfall approaches. It turned out to be a wise decision because he then saw alligators in the lake. The duck arrives on he other side to an old deserted mining town. It is still however supplied with power. The duck then ponders whether he should take refuge in one of the houses or continue on to the mountain, what must he do?”

Admit it, you want to know more.

Check out the video above to find out what happened next...

This Is The Surprising Way You Could Get More Tinder Matches This Is The Surprising Way You Could Get More Tinder Matches