Tinder wants you to know if your matches have criminal record

Tinder has decided to make its application even more secure, thanks to a new feature in partnership with an NGO specialised in criminal record checks.

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Who hasn't been scared going on their first date with someone they met on Tinder? During these pandemic times, it is no longer possible to meet in bars, restaurants or to see a film, but only through video and dating apps.

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Even if you are someone who has more matches than they can count, and may be more selective, you still never know who you're going to run into. That is part of the online life. After all, going by message alone, the person can seem very nice, and may even seem harmless, but sometimes the truth is quite different. The Tinder dating app understands that the safety of its users is paramount and is implementing measures to protect them.

Having access to the criminal record of their matches

They have partnered with Garbo, a non-profit organization specializing in criminal record checks. From now on, according to the BBC, people looking for love on the app will be able to check his or her criminal background whenever they match with someone. Thanks to this, they will know if their match has had any violent behaviour in the past—although that is also assuming Garbo has had access to these files.

For the moment, this new service will only be available starting 2021 in the United States. It remains unknown whether this feature will arrive in the UK. Legislative differences between nations might cause issues in terms of access to these records..

Tinder wants to protect its users

In recent years, the dating application has been trying to make its platform as secure as possible, especially for women as well as LGBTQ people. In 2020, the application has an emergency button implemented in the event of a dangerous date. In the slightest situation that seems alarming to you, you can use it to communicate your location to the closest competent emergency services.

For the LGBTQ community, it is an alert that is written on their smartphone when they travel, to warn them when they are in a country that may be dangerous for them. All the more as in some particularly backwards countries, some have taken to specifically seek out and hunt down LGBT people through such apps.

Tinder: Users can now run background checks on matches Tinder: Users can now run background checks on matches