His wife wanted a lawn but he wanted a pool so they came up with a brilliant idea!

At odds with his wife, YouTuber Gil Klar had a brilliant idea. Check it out!

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Have you always dreamed of transforming your garden with a huge swimming pool? Gifted in DIY, YouTuber Gil Klar had a brilliant idea!

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A brilliant idea!

How to design and organise the garden is a big topic. Interior decoration is already a headache when you are a couple, so adding in the garden makes it even more complicated. However, taking the other person's point of view into account is still the best solution. This is what Gil Kar wanted to do.

While he wanted to build a swimming pool and his wife wanted a nice green lawn, he decided to put everyone on the same page with an intelligent idea.

Instead of splitting the garden in two, the YouTuber chose another option. In order to keep his green lawn, but still enjoy his pool on hot summer days, there was only one solution: build a hidden pool!


Gil Klar pleased his wife thanks to his imagination. When the pool is not in use, it is covered by grass. How does it work? The YouTuber’s idea was to bury his pool and equip it with an automatic system. This feature allows the pool to be covered by an automatic sliding door. Whether you have it set to garden or swimming pool, all you have to do is change the decor according to your needs.

This ingenious idea should inspire some companies specialising in outdoor furniture innovations. So what do you think? At least Gil Klar found a very good compromise and made his wife happy. Watch how he did it in the video above.

We wish we had one!

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