This Is The Latest Pulling Technique You Need To Watch Out For

If you are currently in a low point in your romantic life, you should try fishing, the new and trendy pick-up technique.

This Is The Latest Pulling Technique You Need To Watch Out For
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Don’t want to go home alone tonight? Forget Netflix and Chill, it's way too old school. The trend right now is fishing, and apparently it works!

Fishing for (fill in the blank…)

This pulling 2.0 technique consists of talking to several potential conquests at the same time, and then focusing on the first person who takes the bait… Hence the name of this technique: fishing, which simply means you’re casting a wide net.

A trend among young people, it is particularly effective on dating apps. Although this approach is popular among millennials, getting fished for (or fishing) is not necessarily pleasant. Who wants to be the person chosen among a multitude of others simply be being more responsive, people should not be just options!

If you want to identify who is a ‘fisherman’ (or fisherwoman), here are some clues that will help you to catch them out!

Know that there are two techniques among fishers: there are those who respond only late at night, ask you a thousand and one questions about you, your passions, your lifestyle; and then there are those who answer tacitly, they are direct: basically there is no time to waste.

If they see that you are not a fish to their liking, they will no longer give you any signs of life. At that point you will understand that the lady (or man) has gone back to fishing!