Signs to watch out for to avoid heart disease

Having heart disease can be potentially fatal for anyone in that predicament, here are some symptoms to watch out for.

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According to leading cardiologist James Backerman, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, heart attack; each type of heart problem requires different treatment but may share similar warning signs. It is important to see your doctor so that you can receive a correct diagnosis and prompt treatment. Here are some signs of heart disease you should pay attention to.

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Pain around stomach

A very painful or burning feeling in your chest or stomach could disclose a heart attack or heart problem. Indigestion has very related symptoms to a heart attack so you should not downplay these feelings.

The British Heart Foundation suggests you call 111 if you experience this kind of pain.

Chest pain

Brits are generally advised that this is a classic symptom of a heart attack but many still ignore it. If you experience chest pain this could be a medical emergency and you should dial 999 if you feel extremely unwell.

Brits who have had a heart attack described the symptoms as heaviness, tightness or pressure in the chest. If chest pains begin when you are exerting yourself but go away when you stop this may still be a cause for concern.

It could be angina, this is usually caused by coronary heart disease. You should still see your general practitioner but this may not require an ambulance or a 999 call.

Unnecessarily sweaty

This is a more unusual symptom that could indicate heart disease. If you feel hot and sweaty in addition to chest pains you should call an ambulance.

This may be the sign of an imminent heart attack. When heart attacks occur, the pain can be felt in other parts of the body. Pain can even be felt in the jaw, or the back if it persists you could call 999 and ask for an ambulance.

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