This 6-minute rule could improve your sex life

Has your sex life become boring and monotonous? Keep reading to discover the important rule that will help you enjoy yourself with your partner more.

When you’re in a relationship, it’s normal to find yourself in a sort of rut in which sex just isn’t as satisfactory as it used to be. Watch out or this can end up taking its toll on long-term relationships.

If you want to get the spark back in your relationship and enjoy sex the way you used to, don’t forget this 6-minute rule. This rule is the key to not wanting to get out of bed so quickly.

But don’t take our word for it, this rule came straight from a study that was carried out by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada. During their study, they discovered that you only really need six minutes to make this passionate time together as enjoyable as possible.

6 minutes could change it all

Those six minutes are of course for foreplay. If you want your relationship to work in the long run, you need to pay more attention to this part. According to the SIECC, people who take the extra 6 minutes to engage in some foreplay are more likely to say that they're 'very sexually satisfied.'

Want to bring it to the next level? Just because one or both of you is finished doesn't mean the affection needs to end! An even higher amount of people in the study reported that if they engaged in even some light physical contact after climax, they felt even more satisfied.

The research concluded that men were able to climax without the need for foreplay. However, only 61% of the women involved in the study managed to, and that’s why those six minutes are so important.

It has been shown that the longer sex lasts, the more satisfied both parties will be. So if you want your sex life to be as enjoyable as possible, don’t skip the foreplay.

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