Golden penis syndrome: What is this dating phenomenon?

Although its name is surprising, the 'golden penis' syndrome does exist. But what is it? Let's find out.

Dating has become a real headache these days. With the advent of dating apps, it can be very complicated to meet new people and make real connections. You quickly come up against the problem of supply and demand. There will always be someone else available, so some people become advocates of the least effort. But this tendency is overwhelmingly observed in men in situations with different parameters. This is the 'golden penis' syndrome.

What is the 'golden penis' syndrome?

This concept was developed by the writer Jon Birger. He noticed that in universities or cities where the proportion of heterosexual women was higher than that of men with the same sexual orientation, this syndrome can come into play.

In this case, the lack of male competition in terms of dating can lead to an overdeveloped confidence because they will get the attention of several women at once. In other words, it goes to their heads.

Jon Birger told Cosmopolitan that during a book tour where he visited several universities, he saw this dynamic when women significantly outnumbered men. They were 'nothing special,' he said, but because of the demographic difference 'they really thought they had a golden penis.'

A harmful dynamic

In this kind of situation, if a woman is looking for a real relationship, it can be very difficult. Indeed, men affected by the 'golden penis' syndrome will tend to have fewer monogamous relationships. Again, these men are influenced by such a large supply that they may continue to explore their options.

Another point is that these men will tend to settle for the bare minimum with their partner. Whether this is in terms of relationships or sex. In practice, this can mean basic, impersonaltext messages that can be sent to anyone, or not questioning their attitude. Now that you know about this syndrome, be on your guard!

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