How getting vaccinated will change your online dating experience

You might want to consider getting vaccinated, because it will increase your chances of finding love online.

Dating apps
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Dating apps

The pandemic has transformed almost every facet of our lives, including online dating. Singletons are now adding a brand new expectation on their list of dating requirements—finding a partner who has gotten their jabs. And now that everyone over the age of 30 can get vaccinated in the UK, the government has also been turning to dating apps to encourage more and more people to get inoculated.

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Online perks of vaccination

Dating apps may have been created to help people find true love, but now it’s become way more than that. It’s a virtual world which gives you in-app points and perks that will get you ahead of the dating game. And from this week onwards, dating apps from Tinder to Bumble, Match, Muzmatch, and Hinge, are giving their vaccinated audience a bunch of brand new bonuses, including vaccination badges to display on their profiles. Additionally, Tinder and Hinge users will be getting free 'super likes' and 'roses' which will help them stand out in the dating pool. While Bumble is giving their vaccinated members a discount on 'superswipes' which has the same function. They have also adjusted their platform to help singletons navigate dating during the pandemic. Bumble’s vice president for Europe, Naomi Walkland said:

The 'Covid conversation' is already front of mind for two in three people on Bumble, so it's important to make it easier to feel comfortable and safe on a date.
To do this, we'll launch a new 'vaccinated' badge along with in-app preferences so you can easily communicate if you're comfortable dating indoors or outdoors only.

Education on vaccinations

Furthermore, dating apps have teamed up with the government and the NHS to motivate younger people to get their vaccines. They’re working together to eradicate misinformation around vaccination, and they’re equipping the platforms with educationalmaterials for their audience. Shahzad Younas, founder of Muzmatch—a marriage application for Muslims, confirmed:

Misinformation has been spreading at an alarming rate in our communities, which is why we're glad to work with the NHS to clear up myths about the vaccine and encourage our members to get vaccinated.

Nadhim Zahawi, the vaccine rollout minister, is also pleased with this new collaboration. He said:

I am thrilled that we are partnering up with dating apps to boost vaccine uptake across the country.
This is another incredible asset to our vaccination programme - the biggest and most successful in our history.
The coronavirus vaccine will only affect 30m out of 67m Brits, so who gets priority? The coronavirus vaccine will only affect 30m out of 67m Brits, so who gets priority?