'Edging' could help you experience incredibly powerful orgasms

Do you want to experience really, really, really powerful orgasms? Well, keep reading to find out how.

You’re in bed with your partner, trying out the boat position, and then you reach climax. You are in seventh heaven and just enjoying yourself in this happy, fulfilled relationship.

But next time, what if you tried something new? Instead of fully orgasming why not hold back for a moment? When you feel an orgasm building, stop. Sounds crazy, right? We know! But this ‘edging' technique has really proven itself. It involves making 'the state of pre-orgasmic excitement last’ because feeling the pleasure rise inside of you is what is actually the most pleasurable part of the whole experience.

If you block your orgasm several times and then eventually let yourself go, your orgasm will be longer and a lot more intense.

Vanessa Marin, a psychotherapist and sexuality specialist explained to Women’s Health:

Delaying orgasm also extends partnered sex, helping men to get in tune with their bodies and identify the signs that announce an imminent orgasm. That, in turn, helps them last longer. It’s also just something fun and new and exciting to try in the bedroom.

Practice edging

To practice edging, start by practicing on your own. The best way to succeed in this during sex with your partner is to practice beforehand. When you feel like you’re going to orgasm, stop and start again a few times first.

This will also be useful for learning to reach orgasm at the same time as your partner. Once you feel that she is getting there, you can just let go and enjoy this moment of total shared intimacy. Thank us later!

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