All Successful Tinder Profiles Include This One Word

Possibly one of the most important scientific studies of the century has just been released – which word promises the most success in your Tinder bio?

Ever feel like your dating profile isn’t bringing you in as many responses as you would’ve hoped? Well thanks to dating site Zoosk, we now know the definitive word to use in your biography to guarantee you the best possible results.

According to their study of 7000 users, they have determined that the physical activity that resembles yoga - pilates - is the word to include in your profile if you’re looking for love.

By how much will it increase your success exactly? Well, just 160%. Surely heaps of you are scrambling to update your Tindernow.

But why? Well - to be honest, we have no idea.

65% of respondents claimed that a physical activity like pilates is extremely important to include in a dating profile. If you’re looking to even further better your chances, you could even throw the word guacamole in there.

According to Zoosk, those who claimed to like guacamole receive 144% more messages than those who claimed the opposite. There you have it: your search for your soul mate has become a bit easier.

Check out the video above for more on what you need to include on your profile for maximum success!

Tips for creating the perfect Tinder profile Tips for creating the perfect Tinder profile