Study Reveals That Serial Killers All Have This One Thing In Common

In his book ‘The Anatomy of Evil’, Dr. Michael H. Stone writes about the character traits of the greatest American serial killers.

Serial killers
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Serial killers

Serial killers all have certain things in common. This is the verdict made by the author and specialist in personality disorders, Michael H. Stone. By studying the biggest criminals, he established a ‘pyramid of evil’.

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He dived deep into the personality of the serial killersin an interview for Vice. ‘Some people - especially men - are simply born with a sort of 'deficit' of empathy and compassion,’ he says.

If you've seen American Psycho you'd understand American Psycho

He adds: ‘Those who commit acts considered despicable have often been raised in very difficult conditions. Those born with empathy have seen their positive feelings vanished by the surrounding misery, which surrounded them in their early years.’

Michael H. Stone also has a tip to stoppsychopaths: spot them early and don’t be moved by their young age. That's it – you now know everything about serial killers!

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