Mariah Carey's viral holiday prank at McDonald's

As part of Mariah Carey’s collaboration with McDonald's, the American singer decided to give the employees a unique surprise.

Mariah Carey and McDonald's
© Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey and McDonald's

When the fast-food giant, McDonald's teams up with the international star and burger fan Mariah Carey, there are plenty of surprises in store for you.

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The Mariah McD menu

This had to be an unexpected collaboration, the 'Mariah Menu.' However, the Queen of Christmas was the star of the fast food menus in the USA for this December 2021. This news has made the star's fans happy, while the rest of the world has had quite the laugh about it.

On November 16, McDonald's unveiled its new Christmas campaign on social media. This year, the 'Mariah Menu' was available from 13 to 24 December in the USA.

The concept: for each order placed on the brand's application, one of the singer's favourite products will be added as a gift to the order. Each day the gifts would change, to the delight of fans and the employees.

The practical joke

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Mariah Carey's viral holiday prank at McDonald's

In Aspen, Colorado, Mariah Carey decided to spread her Christmas cheer all over the place for the holiday season, and especially at the nearest McDonald's restaurant. On a holiday with her 10-year-old twins Monroe, Morrocan, and her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka, Mariah Carey decided to play a little prank on the employees.

The renowned singer types a caption on Instagram stating:

We took an unexpected jaunt to @mcdonalds to see the Mariah Menu. It was a classic!

As a US radio station reports, Mariah Carey and her team first stopped at the drive-through, where Mariah's daughter Monroe used her best impersonation techniques to place a fake order. The employees then asked her 'to leave and never come back.'

Meanwhile, the star had her assistants inside the restaurant pretending to try to order in Brazilian accents. It was at this point that Mariah Carey made her entrance in a stunning red maxi dress.

Mariah Carey's viral holiday prank at McDonald's

There was a sense of immediate shock in the McD joint, followed by an extensive photoshoot.

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