Britain's strongest woman fuels up on McDonald's before competitions

McDonald's employee considered to be one of Britain's strongest woman claims she prepares for competitions by bulking on burgers and protein-rich milkshakes.

Britain's strongest woman fuels up on McDonald's before competitions
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Britain's strongest woman fuels up on McDonald's before competitions

40-year-old Maria Krzesinska is gunning for the title of the strongest woman in the world by fuelling up on a McDonald's heavy diet that consists of burgers and McFlurrys.

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One of Britain's strongest women

The mother-of-three has been competing in heavy-lifting competitions since 2018 and has recently been named 'Britain's Strongest Woman' for her age category. She lifts everything from giant hay balls and sand bags, 45kg logs, to 130kg weights and trains four days a week for up three hours per session. Maria credits her protein-rich diet courtesy of McDonald's staples like burgers and milkshakes as that which has helped her bulk for her competitions. She remembers her early days lifting by saying:

I fell in love with strong man and strong women competitions. It's just a community like no other and so much fun. People were amazed when I managed to tip a couple over and urged me to take it up properly and I've never looked back.

She continued

I don't have to keep to a strict diet which is handy because I absolutely love cake and ice-cream.I try and eat as much protein as I can and at work there's obviously plenty of food so I often have a Big Tasty with bacon, chicken breast strips, McFlurry and a milkshake.

The Dudley native recently managed to lift a 1.3 tonne Renault Clio which officially became the heaviest thing she's ever lifted securing another title to add to her already impressive collection.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication but I enjoy it so much and love the variety, there's no end of things to lift and carry. It even helps at work when unloading deliveries, some of the men just sit back and let me do the hard work.

A call for donations

Currently, Maria is trying to raise funds to get her across the pond to compete for the 'World's Strongest Woman' title coming up this November in Florida. She explains that, in lieu of not having a sponsorship and having to be financially self-sufficient, she will need all the help she can get from donations to help her realize this dream.

Now I'll be competing in the World's Strongest Woman in November but I need a bit of help to get there. Although my hard work, blood, sweat and tears has earned me a place to compete amongst the best in the world, it is a self funded sport and I have no sponsorship.

And added:

This means I need to find the money to keep my training going for the next 11 months and actually get to and stay there for the week of the competition. Flights and hotel alone will set me back around £1,100 so all and any help is gratefully appreciated.
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