Furbies, Ty Beanies: McDonald's Happy Meal toys worth a fortune today

You may want to search dusty boxes, your attic, under your bed, your childhood home for rare collectables from McDonald’s Happy Meals—your findings could earn you some cash.

McDonald's Happy Meal
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McDonald's Happy Meal

Do you remember the excitement of going to McDonald's as a child, ordering a Happy Meal and receiving a rad new toy to add to your collection? You probably played with the toy for a couple of days and most, and then stuffed it into a box that's most likely still sitting in your childhood home's closet. Well, my friend, it's time to dig up that box because you could be sitting on a fortune!

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Robots by Diener Keshi

If you managed to collect and save the entire collection of Robots by Diener Keshi, you could be sitting on £300 for the set. Not bad for a something you received for free with your £3 meal, right?

Robots by Diener Keshi Eighties Kids

Keychain Furbys

Most collectables come from the ‘90s and early 2000s. Do you remember the Furby craze? McDonald’s handed out a mini, keychain Furbys in their Happy Meals and you can make £90 if you have just one of these little toys lying around.

Furby keychains Kid-time

Ty Beanie Baby Boos

These toys were handed out with Happy Meals in the 2000s. Believe it or not, they've since become collectibles and a set can get you up to £338!

Ty Beanie Baby Boos Eighties Kids

Which other ‘90s and early 2000s Happy Meal toys could make you some money? Take a look at our video for the perfect blend of nostalgia and a list of McDonald’s rare collectables.

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