We Finally Know Who The Fifth Man On This Beatles Album Cover Really Is

This is the personification of the saying ‘there at the right place and the right time’. Paul Cole, a complete stranger, found himself on the famous Abbey Road cover of the Beatles completely by accident.

The Beatles was one of the most popular and revolutionary bands of their time, producing hits that are still so well known in today's society that the band members like Paul McCartney are now legends in the industry. Even today, their music continues to inspire aspiring artists with such songs as 'Yesterday' and even 'Twist and Shout,' which is also now a staple for the popular 80's film Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Who is the fifth man?

Despite the fact that the band split up almost 5 decades ago, there is still one mystery that many fans have been wondering about over the past decades and finally, we have the answer!

Back in 1969, Paul Cole, an American tourist, was on holiday in London with his wife visiting the museums in the Northern part of the English capital. He decided to take a break and take a stroll down Abbey Road. He stopped to talk to a policeman when he saw a man taking a picture of four people on a pedestrian crossing: The Beatles!

Famously infamous

A few weeks later, he found out that as a result of this little detour, he ended up featuring on the famous Beatles Abbey Road cover! You can see him in the background, on the sidewalk, looking at the four men with astonishment.

The mystery of the mysterious, unknown man watching the Beatles is finally solved. His name is Paul Cole, he is American and he died in 2008 at the age of 96.

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