We’ve Finally Found Out What the ‘Floating Man’ on Google Maps Really Is

Google Earth has done it again. Their funny camera captures have humoured us in the past and recently their camera caught yet another funny moment.

Floating Man
© Google Maps
Floating Man

We already know that Google Maps sometimes captures some very mysterious stuff on our beloved planet Earth. This time, you’ll find it if you hover your mouse over the Gold Coast in Australia.

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In satellite mode on Google Maps, you can see something out of the ordinary in the middle of the water, some ten meters away from the coast. When looking from above, you’d swear there was a giant man wearing a hat, floating quietly on the water…

As per usual, a load of unlikely theories have emerged to explain where it came from, but there’s actually a very simple reason for it!

This place on the map is a water amusement park, AquaSplash. What people thought was a floating giant is actually just an attraction, moored off the coast of Australia. Less exciting, but a lot more likely!

Check out the video above to see why people were so confused!

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