This Woman Has Been Offering an Unusual Service to Divorced Couples

© Twitter- @Hexappeal

The 21-year-old Twitter user, who goes by @hexappeal, has quite an unusual business model that has received lots of approval and support on social media as of late. To cut a long story short,she cuts people out of photos.

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Painful memories

We’ve all been there. You’ve taken somegreat holiday photos of you and your partner or best friend, but then you argue and the friendship orrelationship comes to an end. What is then left behind are the painful memories of your broken relationship with a former loved one.

It's not always easy to look back at old photos and be reminded of that person again and again. However, these images are sometimes too beautiful to just be thrown away or deleted. And that’s where @hexappeal comes in. She edits photos like these so that you are the only one still in them.

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High demand

Since it started, this service has taken off and has received lots of positive feedback from other Twitter users. They are happy that someone has finally recognised the problem and has decided to do something to help. Due to high demand, the resourceful businesswoman has since raised her prices from $10 to $15 per photo. Maybe this guy should have used @hexappeal’s service…

People have been so enthusiastic about her service that they have started posting the before and after pictures on Twitter. Of course, @hexappeal has also benefited from this free advertising from her satisfied customers. So if you want to remove an annoying ex-boyfriend from your holiday pictures, now you know who to turn to. If you want to see some of the before and after photos, check out the video above.

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