This interactive map shows the UK’s sexiest towns

Adult toy company Lovehoney have gone out of their way to find the UK’s sexiest town, and let’s say things are looking pretty good for Andover.

This Interactive Map Shows the UK’s Sexiest Towns
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This Interactive Map Shows the UK’s Sexiest Towns

If you’ve ever wondered where in the UK get’s the most nookie, wonder no more as sex toy company Lovehoney has created an interactive map so you can find Britain’s raunchiest region.

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The company looked at 1,500 different UK towns and cities over the last year, collecting all kinds of data, from most purchased toys to the most popular kinks in each area. All you need to do is select a region on the map, and you can find how high they rank for bondage and even the most popular flavour of lube! If that’s not enough, the map even has a feature so you can compare your hometown to your mates.

What is the UK’s sexiest town?

Lovehoney’s results found that the Hampshire town of Andover comes in first place for the sexiest UK area. Over lockdown, Andover had the highest sexual activity by far, proving there really isn’t anything else to do. Following behind them was Tidworth in Wiltshire and Cornhill-upon-Tweed in Northumberland.

A Lovehoney spokesperson commented: Andover in Hampshire is the UK's sexiest place with the biggest rise in sexual activity over the past year.

We have seen a huge surge in activity as couples use sex as a stress-buster to escape the pressures of the pandemic. All our research shows that couples with great sex lives enjoy higher overall levels of happiness.

Hilarious considering Andover was previously described as the ‘most depressing place in the northern hemisphere.’

If, for some reason, you’re curious, here’s the complete list of the UK’s top 10 sexiest towns:

  1. Andover, Hampshire
  2. Tidworth, Wiltshire
  3. Cornhill-on-Tweed, Northumberland
  4. Swanscombe, Kent
  5. Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
  6. Greenhithe, Kent
  7. Melksham, Wiltshire
  8. Perranporth, Cornwall
  9. Didcot, Oxfordshire
  10. Farringdon, Central London

What about the UK's least sexy towns?

Unfortunately, where there’s a top ten, there’s a bottom ten. If you’re living in Nelson, Smethwick or Thornton Heath, you might want to pack your things as Lovehoney found these to be the three least-sexy towns in the whole country. Those in Yorkshire don’t seem to be any luckier between the sheets as they also have no less than four towns in the top 10 least sexy list.

Top 10 least sexy towns in the UK:

  1. Nelson, Lancashire
  2. Smethwick, West Midlands
  3. Thornton Heath, Surrey
  4. Settle, North Yorkshire
  5. Barking, Essex
  6. Bradford, West Yorkshire
  7. West Bromwich, West Midlands
  8. Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
  9. Enfield, North London
  10. Batley, West Yorkshire

If you’re wondering just how sexy your town is, you can check that out here on Lovehoney’s interactive map.

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