This is the UK's favourite swear word

According to a study conducted by digital PR experts at Reboot, people in the UK have quite the potty-mouth! But what is the UK's favourite swear word to use?

This is the UK's favourite swear word
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This is the UK's favourite swear word

Let's not pretend we don't all shout a swear word or two at the TV screen when the team we are rooting for completely misses the mark or that we don't—subtly under our breath—let out a profanity when things don't always go our way...

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What is the UK's most potty-mouthed city?

Well, a new study saw a group of PR experts at Reboot go through a total of 4.5 million comments containing 271,000 swear words to find out which one was the most commonly used in the UK. To find out the UK's favourite bad word, the team of researchers went on the popular website Reddit and examined the UK's most populated cities' subreddits.

In their research, they also worked out the UK's most potty-mouthed city and it appears Glasgow took the number one spot with an average of 109 swear words per 1,000 comments in the r/Glasgow subreddit. Reboot explained:

With 52,100 members and nearly 516,000 comments, r/Glasgow averages an impressive 109 swears per 1,000 comments. Glasgow's favourite swear word is f**k, with 53 mentions of the word per 1,000 comments. The second most prevalent swear word for Glaswegians is s**t, with an average of 33 comments per 1,000 containing the word.

By contrast, Sheffield was reportedly the least profane city with an average of just 35 swear words per 1,000 comment on its subreddit, which has a total of 32,200 members and over 69,000 comments.

So what is the UK's favourite profanity?

Upon going through each city's subreddit, the study found the f-bomb to be the most popular swear word used, followed by s**t, c**p, c**t and finally bulls**t. Reboot said:

Accounting for a whopping 40% of all swear words analysed is f***, and can be crowned the UK's favourite swear word. Coming in second is s***, making up over one third (38%) of our online swearing. On the other hand, the swear word used the least is b**** and w*****, which only accounts for 1.4% of the total profanities analysed.
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