She Uploaded Her Hairstyle on Twitter and Soon Became the Laughing Stock of the Internet

The Internet can be a very cruel place sometimes. Just ask this poor girl: She was so proud of her hairstyle, she decided to share it on Twitter, but the response she was met with wasn't at all what she expected.

Became The Laughing Stock Of The Internet
© Twitter @robertaaarocha
Became The Laughing Stock Of The Internet

The photo of her hairstyle spread like wildfire across the Internet and has gone viral. The image shows long, pink hair braided into intricate plaits. But what's wrong with it? When you first see it, you might not realize it's just a hairstyle.

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The way the picture was taken makes the girl's head and hair look like a penis. It is unclear who took the photo. The person who made it go viral, however, was Twitter user Stephanie Yeboah, who was also the first person to recognizethe phallic likeness.

Since then users have not been able to get the image out of their heads. What was supposed to be an innocent image of an intricate and sophisticated hairstyle, that likely took hours to accomplish, has turned into a meme for the ages.

User Roberta Arocha also shared the image on Twitter and received more than thirty-four thousand likes and eleven thousand retweets. She captioned the snapshot: "You can only see it once."

But not all users had their minds in the gutter. Many of them just saw a braided hairstyle. What do you see? A hairstyle or a penis?

You can check out the photo in the video.

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