PewDiePie Criticises Pitiful YouTubers: ‘It’s So Pathetic, How Low Will People Go?’

In one of his latest videos, Felix Kjellberg talked about why he believes internet recognition is meaningless and why he considers something recently said by two other YouTubers as pointless and pathetic.

‘It’s So Pathetic, How Low Will People Go?’
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‘It’s So Pathetic, How Low Will People Go?’

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PewDiePie started his YouTube channel back in 2010 and his career as an Internet star officially began. It all started with Let’s Plays, but now he has even become recognised outside of the classic gamer scene. However, some of his YouTube colleagues have made it apparent that they aren’t his biggest fans.

Video from Dr Phil

In one of his latest videos, he talked about the phenomenon known as ‘Internet fame’. He was watching a video featuring two YouTubers who appeared on Dr Phil’s show and reacted to it. ‘Dr Phil’ is a TV show in the United States where guests visit psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw for advice. The two YouTubers who appeared on this particular episode talked about their five minutes in the spotlight.

The YouTubers had become famous for opening tubs of ice cream, licking it, and putting it back on the shelves in a supermarket, after which other unsuspecting customers then picked it up themselves to buy. The two received a lot of hate and criticism for this but became famous practically overnight for it, nevertheless.

PewDiePie responded to this video

PewDiePie had a lot to say about this video. While he can understand why some people on the internet might be looking for quick fame and glory, he also said that it really isn’t worth striving for. Being famous on the internet isn’t nearly as significant and meaningful as it might sound.

‘Everyone wants to know what that feels like. Everyone wants that 15 minutes so badly. It doesn’t mean s**t, listen to me!’

Fame at the expense of others

The YouTuber also explained that it’s not worth becoming famous just for the sake of being recognised. Instead, people should strive to become recognised for something that is actually worthwhile and means something.

Furthermore, PewDiePie also believes that people shouldn’t operate under the assumption that they should do whatever it takes in order to become famous. According to the Swede, you shouldn’t use other people to get ahead in life and gain prominence. He explains in his video on YouTuber:

‘Being popular online used to be a recognition of doing something cool, but now people want to be recognised so badly that they’ll do something negative just to get recognised. It’s so pathetic, how low will people go?’

A few weeks ago, the gamer also said that he even considers parts of his own content as being a waste of time and that his followers should actually steer clear of it. But that’s probably not a problem for his fans in China anyway, since his fans who live in this country haven’t been able to watch his videos for a while now.

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We fear his criticism and comments won’t do much good though, but one can still hope.

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