This Dog Stole Their Neighbour’s Package Containing a Toy That’s Not Meant for Animals

A delivery of a 'private' parcel didn't end up being quite so private after being dropped to the wrong address. Before the couple who mistakenly received the parcel could get to it, their cheeky pet pooch managed to tear the box to smithereens - to reveal a bright pink sex-toy.

An unfortunate incident
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An unfortunate incident

Dogs aren't the most subtle of creatures when it comes toplay-fighting with their chew-toys. As most dog-owners know all too well, heaven forbid that chew-toy ends up being one of your favourite pair of sneakers or the couch cushion which turns the room into a feathered nightmare.

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Things turned even messier for Lee Edwards, 36, and his partner Jenna Crozier, 34. Much to this couple's dismay, their oblivious pet pooch didn't know any better when she found herself her very own chew-toy: parcel that was delivered to their owner's address by mistake. The box, that was originally intended for their neighbour, was swiftly torn open by the mischievous labrador, only to reveal a vibrant plastic phallus.

Bemused Lee of course took to filming the moment himself and Jenna came downstairs to find their dog, Bonnie playing with the x-rated item.

Check out Lee's reaction above...

This Naughty Dog Went Viral After Stealing His Owner's 'Personal Toy' (VIDEO) This Naughty Dog Went Viral After Stealing His Owner's 'Personal Toy' (VIDEO)