This KFC Twitter Account Has Gone Rouge Bashing People’s Attempts at Homemade Fried Chicken

No doubt while we are all stuck inside we are starting to miss some of our beloved fast food rituals. Whether it is some Macca's after a night out or that lazy fried chicken for dinner, the options are no longer available and we will have to make do with our own culinary skills.

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The lockdown has lead to many people to getting creative in their kitchens creating gastronomic feats as well as baking or just trying their hands at cooking their first meal.

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KFC UK & Ireland has caught onto this trend and has been rating peoples makeshift fast-food feasts online and apparently they are not merciful judges.

KFC could even give Gordon Ramsey a run for his money with creative insults being strewn everywhere.

The comments are not unlike the type that can be found on the Facebook page Rate my plate where people often post their tragic meals for the whole internet to shame them. Fortunately, KFC's efforts have been putting people off their food as the posts just keep flowing in!

You can even have your own feast rated by tagging your tweet with #RateMyKFC. They even have a leaderboard that will show you who to beat. If you want to try to make a Kentucky fried feast yourself this person thinks they have cracked the code.

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