7 questions to see if you are indeed 'smart'

How wise are you? Today's perception of this attribute has changed a lot in recent decades. Take the test with us!

Find out if you are indeed 'wise' with 7 questions
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Find out if you are indeed 'wise' with 7 questions

How can you know if you are wise, in the true sense of the word? Whether you need to improve, and make progress? A team of researchers has conducted a test consisting of seven questions to determine how smart you are.

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What does wisdom mean?

Is being sensible the beginning of happiness? In ancient times, there were people who carried the status of being wise. They were more respected than other citizens and were often experienced, older men who were considered symbols of wisdom.

However, wisdom is not only a philosophical and religious concept. Since the 1970s, wisdom has also been moral. In other words, it stands for everything that lies outside of material ideas.

In France Inter's podcast Sous le Soleil de Plato, philosopher Charles Pépin asks another philosopher, Philippe Nassif, about contemporary wisdom in these troubled times and our ability to become an 'unencumbered' agent of our existence.

In other words, he invites the audience to stand back from the harsh reality and analyze the components over which we have control and those over which we do not.

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Are you 'wise'?

Researchers at the University of San Diego in the USA have looked into this question. Originally, the wisdom test consisted of 28 statements divided into six subsections.

They decided to simplify it to make it accessible to as many people as possible with the help of seven global questions. More than 1,000 volunteers aged 20 to 82 were asked, first through various global prisms: the ability to regulate negative emotions, the ability to give good advice to others, etc.

They finally expressed seven main points to define the state of wisdom, rated from 1 'Don't agree at all' to 5 'Totally agree.'

1. I remain calm under pressure.

2. I avoid self-reflection.

3. I like to be exposed to different points of view.

4. I tend to put off important decisions for as long as possible.

5. I often don't know what to say to people when they ask me for advice.

6. My spiritual faith gives me inner strength.

7. I avoid situations where I know my help is needed.

Now it's your turn!

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