KFC Christmas Decorations

Still looking for the perfect ornament to hang on that green beauty you’ve got sitting in the corner of the living room? KFC is here to save the day with their poultry inspired decorations.

KFC Christmas Decorations
KFC Christmas Decorations

After the KFC bath bombs and the fried chicken candles, the American fast food giant has introduced an exclusive holiday kit in New Zealand. Who could imagine a better way to celebrate the Christmas season than mini fried chicken wings ornaments hanging in the front room?

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The kit, available via their Facebook page, contains 5 iconic KFC staples in miniature form to be hung: Colonel Sanders, a bucket of chicken, an order of chips, as well as a drumstick and wing. Who wouldn’t want those on their tree?

The winner of this kit will receive the exclusive, one of a kind ornaments just in time for the holiday season. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Nando’s can recreate the same magic over in our neck of the woods.

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