Here's Where You Should Be Hiding Your Valuables So Thieves Will Never Find Them

There are many tips for hiding your possessions in your house and Gentside has compiled a list of some of them for you. Now you can go on holiday with peace of mind.

Here's Where You Should Be Hiding Your Valuables So Thieves Will Never Find Them
Here's Where You Should Be Hiding Your Valuables So Thieves Will Never Find Them

Whether you are looking for safe places to hide your money in the case of a potential robbery or you want to hide some top-secret spy documents, there are some tips you should know.

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The infallible safe

First of all, if you want to keep your money, valuables or documents safe and secure and hide them for a long time, the traditional safe remains a security essential. Investing in a good safe can seem obvious, especially if you want to keep precious objects or documents safe in the long run. Of course, they can attract attention, but they’re still very handy. If your safe is fixed or reinforced with a strong metal, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to force it open.

Some tips

There are some safe places that can be found in any house. We’re not talking about the flush system in your toilet or at the top of your wardrobe, as these are the first places that the thieves will look. No, there are more original and efficient hideouts that the bloggers Frugal Dad (link unavailable) and The Simple Dollar have listed.

-In the fridge, wrapped up in aluminium foil, your possessions will be safer than in an envelope placed under your mattress. Thieves will probably search every corner of the house and check in every drawer, maybe even in the fridge, but the probability that they will look in every tin and tub is rather low.

-Buried in a fake plant. If you have a fake plant, consider putting documents or money under the fake earth.

-Anywhere in a child’s bedroom. It is proved that thieves only rarely go inside children’s rooms because of the toys that are strewn about practically everywhere and because of the noise that this can cause. So it’s easy to find a good hiding place in the kids’ room and maybe even inside one of the toys.

-If you have a library or a large number of books where you live, the ideal hiding place is between the pages , as the thieves probably won’t waste time looking inside every single one. On the other hand, avoid DVDs, as these are among the first things that thieves take with them when they leave a house.

-In your box of Christmas decorations. As this kind of box is usually very full and cluttered, thieves won’t waste time rummaging through the tinsel and Christmas baubles. Consider putting this box in a basement or attic to increase security.

-You can hide your money inside a glass bottle before closing it and placing it between other bottles. You’ll then be able to break open the bottle to get your possessions back.

-If you have a garden, this is the ideal place to hide your things. Obviously, they have to be very well disguised and maybe even buried, but if you have neighbours, the thieves won’t risk searching the garden. At least, they won’t go about it as thoroughly as they would inside the house.

A fake wad of notes

Now this is the ultimate plan, one which guarantees that nothing else will be stolen. When they come inside the house, the burglars have two ideas in their head: stealing money and getting out of the house as quickly as possible with that money. If the thieves don’t find anything after looking in the usual places inside the house, they are going to start searching more thoroughly. This increases the chances of them finding the jackpot that might otherwise have been very well hidden. By placing fake notes purposefully in a place that is more or less obvious, you are giving thieves what they are looking for and increasing the chances that they will leave your house more quickly.

Here we give you only a few tricks and suggestions among many. But generally, when you are looking for a hiding place, go inside your house and put yourself in the place of a robber looking for money. If in the first five minutes you look in the direction of your hiding place, it would be best to make a few changes...

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