Police Inspector Lived The High Life Until His Wife Found Out Where The Money Was Coming From

British police inspector Darren McKie seemed to have it all: a family, a beautiful house and a big car. Except he was hiding a huge secret.

Darren McKie
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Darren McKie

This is the epilogue of a macabre news item. Darren McKie has just been convicted of murdering his wife. How did this police inspector end up killing his wife? The story is scary, as explained by the Manchester Evening News.

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At the age of 43, Darren was enjoying life with his wife Leanne and their three children in a £500,000 villa in a chic Manchester neighbourhood. On social networks, several photos attested that the small family could afford £5000 a week holidays and expensive cars. Paradise? Not quite.

Loans on the fly

To make all these dreams come true, Darren McKie had to lie. The 43 year-old had serious financial problems. To maintain this lifestyle he had to increase his bank loans. He owed so much that at the end of the month, the family had only £90 left to live on.

After playing with fire, Darren McKie ended up getting burned: he was banned from any future banking. To be able to continue borrowing, he therefore found a solution: using his wife's identity without warning her. A method that worked until the day she discovered the trick after opening a random letter.

Leanne then decided to text him: ‘You are a liar. I just received a document for a loan in my name, with my passport. WTF?’ A few hours later, she was found dead, 6 miles from the McKie family home. It was Darren who had killed her, by strangulation, as he himself admitted at his trial. Horror and lies embodied.

Manchester man living the high life while committing bank fraud Manchester man living the high life while committing bank fraud