Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’ Is the Most Dangerous Road in the World

If you go to Bolivia, and you're a thrill seeker, make sure not to miss the famous ‘Death Road'! A unique road which heads to dizzying heights…

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Bolivia is a beautiful South America country full of activities and places to visit. There is something to do for all, whether you prefer quiet walks, treks in the forests or visits to little villages. But don’t worry, thrill-seekers are not forgotten! There is a road perfect for them for hours of fun at the edge of the void.

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In Bolivia, the Yungas Road is better known as ‘Death Road.’ It connects the cities of La Paz and Coroico, in the province of Nor Yungas. This 40-mile road is accessible to mountain bikes, and guarantees thrills!

The paths consist of mud, dust and rock. The route starts at more than 15,500 feet above sea level and offers breathtaking descent and views! Seasoned bikers then flirt with drops over 3200 feet high.

A dangerous road

This passage does deserve the nickname ‘road of death.’ It allows only one vehicle to pass at a time and is the cause of many accidents each year. We don’t doubt this for a moment when seeing this footage.

The descent promises extreme thrills for almost four hours. Definitely a ride to experience before you die! If you dare…

Check out the video above to see the terrifying road for yourself!

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