This Breathtaking Video Shows The Earth As Filmed From Space

NASA has unveiled a new video filmed in 4K. Entitled ‘Jeff's Earth,’ it shows remarkable images of the Earth filmed from the International Space Station (ISS) by Jeff Williams, an astronaut who recently left the station to rejoin our planet.

© Jeff Williams

‘The first time you see the planet Earth from space, it's amazing.’ Seeing these images makes it difficult to contradict American astronaut Jeff Williams. In September 2016, he returned from a six-month trip aboard the International Space Station (ISS). An adventure during which he was able to capture many images of our planet from above.

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The Earth as a palette

Recently, NASA unveiled a new video compiling these images captured in high definition and they are breathtaking. They are able to offer a remarkable trip to all those who dream of venturing into space.

When Jeff Williams, the American who has spent the most time in space with 534 cumulative days, commented on what he saw behind the porthole of the International Space Station; one might think he is an amazed child. It is true that it’s not every day that we have the opportunity to observe our dear planet Earth from this angle!

Without exactly remembering where he was when he pointed his ultra-high-definition camera 250 miles down, the American astronaut remembers perfectly how he felt: ‘A dazzlement when faced with the complete beauty of our planet. And especially when seeing the shades of blue of the oceans and the white of the clouds.’

Taking a step back

The footage is so impressive that it could be shown without any comments whatsoever, but then we would be deprived of the impressions of the privileged spectator that was Jeff Williams. Official astronaut and cameraman for the occasion, he reminds us of the usefulness of taking a step back to better appreciate the visual riches that the Earth has to offer us, not only seen from the sky but filmed from space. And to take even more perspective, you’ll get dizzy looking at our planet’s place... in the universe itself!

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