The Pool Of Death: One of The World's Most Dangerous Places To Swim

If you ever travel to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauaï one day, you can visit the 'pool of death' which gets its name from its very dangerous coast where many swimmers have lost their lives. Take a dip if you dare…

Pool of death
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Pool of death

Once again, yet another body of water that seems to have some kind of grudge against us humans. Why can't we just have a dip without worrying about whether or not we'll die during or mere moments after?

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Imagine you’re bathing in a pool with idyllic scenery, and then, bang! The water hits you. That is what makes this “pool of death” on the island of Kauaï in Hawaii so dangerous.

Surrounded by rocky walls, this little cove is made of volcanic rocks. But don’t let the view or scenery deceive you. The clear water may let you glimpse of the bottom of the pool, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

From serenity to chaos...

With no warning, the waves can quickly reach astonishing heights when its waters are disturbed and can ensnare those of us crazy enough to swim in them.

Uncontrollable and ruthless, the ocean and the powerful current have already taken the lives of many people who drowned or lost their lives against the rocky walls. If this place has you spooked, why not a nice calm hike instead?

Check out the video to see what the world's most deadly pool looks like!

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