This New Adult Toy Is Able To Perform Mind-Blowing Oral Thanks To AI

The sex toy industry is not lacking in imagination, and this bit of news only further proves this. This sex toy for men has artificial intelligence and is able to perform oral sex.

‘Life in plastic, it's fantastic,’ as is said in the famous Aqua song. We’re not sure if it's fantastic, but life these days definitely is plastic. Even sex, according to one of the latest sex toy inventions.

Even sexuality is now version 2.0 and Autoblow AI is the perfect example. This artificial intelligence can simulate an ultra-realistic blowjob. How did the creators make it? They analysed how the previous version of the Autoblow 2 was used. In total, more than 200,000 users were surveyed.

The creators have also become experts in oral sex by analysing more than 130 hours of oral sex videos. Brian Sloan, at the head of the project, explains that the use will be ‘less robotic and more human.’

There are 10 different modes made to please a man. Thus, one can choose for the entire penis to be stimulated, or on certain parts in particular; the speed is also adjustable to satisfy personal desires. The product is for sale on IndieGogo, and Brian Sloan, its creator, can already proudly claim that his project was funded in full by men who love to be at the forefront of technology, especially when it comes to sex toys.

New sex toy allows you to climax alongside adult performers New sex toy allows you to climax alongside adult performers