This everyday household product can be just as bad for our lungs as smoking is

These household products that some of us use frequently can be just as bad for your health as smoking is for your lungs.

The amount of studies that have proven the harsh effects of tobacco on our lungs are countless. But what if we told you that there are other household products that many of us use several times a week that have just as bad of an effect on our health?

A study published in the journal American Thoracic Societyfound that the fumes found in chemicals used to scrub dirt away can be harmful to our lungs. Although we can't say we are too surprised considering the harsh chemical ingredient lists found in many of household products.

Household chemicals

For decades, studies have been conducted to find out just how harmful these products really are for our health. As it turns out, the effects could possible even be irreversible in some cases.

The study found that toxic products can cause respiratory damage. Inhaling fumes from some cleaning products can have the same effects as smoking 20 packs of cigarettes a year.

How can I protect my lungs?

Unfortunately, the solution is not to stop cleaning, but to stop using products that heavily rely on these chemicals. There are many natural alternatives to keep your home clean. Vinegar, baking soda and other products designed to keep your home clean naturally are readily available on the market today.

Marseille soap is also known to be multipurpose, effective and excellent for your health. You can use it to do whatever you need to wash dishes, scrub floors, dust, clean windows and even do laundry.

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