Peegasms: New female sex trend has doctors seriously concerned

Holding back as long as possible before urinating to reach an alleged extreme enjoyment. This 'peegasm' trend has doctors seriously concerned and we explain why.

Where does this dangerous new feminine sexual trend come from, and why do doctors say it's so dangerous?

A solo pleasure

Freudian psychoanalysis suggests that there is a narcissistic pleasure that could be linked to urinating spontaneously or in a controlled way. But the followers of peegasm, a neologism formed by ‘pee’ and ‘gasm’ go further and even speak of sexual pleasure when urinating after having voluntarily withheld it for a very long time.

This new form offemale orgasm that one can partake in alone has resonated on Reddit when a user posted his curiosity about this sort of event. Mentioning his girlfriend who would stop herself from peeing and upon finally going to the bathroom, had orgasms ‘running from the bottom of her spine to the top of her head’, he questioned other women on their knowledge of this habit. He did not need to wait long before the answers came rolling in. Several confirmed doing the exercise themselves and others announced that they were considering trying.

This physical pleasureexperienced during urination is explained by physiological reasons. As Celeste Holbrook, a specialist interviewed by Shape Magazine, explained, with the urethra close to the vagina and clitoris, the urethra would be stimulated by the opening of the bladder neck to let out a large flow of urine. Can we conclude then that there is no harm in getting a bit of pleasure? Well, actually, there is.

The risks that come with this habit

When asked about this latest trend, many doctors wanted to warn people about the dangers it presents. They wanted to remind people that to refrain from urinating too long increases the possibility for bacteria to multiply in the filled bladder and consequently to develop cystitis.

Dr. Carol Cooper, who serves as a medical journalist for the British daily The Sun, recalls the obvious:

These ‘peegasms', as they are called, involve keeping a full bladder longer than normal. And that's where the danger comes from because it can cause a urinary tract infection that could damage the kidneys.

He also advises women who regularly suffer from cystitis as well as those who haven’t to refrain from attempting the experiment. There are many other ways to get your kicks without having to put your healthat risk.

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