This Gamer Made A Shocking Discovery On His PS4

Although all gamers are now dreaming about the next generation of consoles, it seems that the PS4 still has some secrets. One gamer has just discovered something quite surprising about the console’s online storage system…

All gamers that have a PS4 know that they can store their files on their console. The online storage capacity was initially 10GB, but this could be increased to 100GB for those who subscribed to PS Plus. However, one user has revealed that this storage isn’t as impressive as it might look on paper.

It seems that you can’t store more than 1000 files on your console, as was recently discovered by one gamer. He posted a tweet on his account to show the limit and the message that his PS4 showed when he tried to add more. This discovery is startling, especially when you know that Xbox’s storage is unlimited.

More surprising still is that despite the 1000 files that the gamer had on his console, their combined size wasn’t over the authorised GB limit. For now, Sony hasn’t released a statement about this recent discovery and file limit.

Check out the video above for more!

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