A Racist Attack in a Madrid Bus Went Viral for a Shocking Reason

Es Racismo took to social media to call out an incident of a racist and sexist nature on a city bus in Madrid. No one did anything to defend the victim.

Racist incident in Madrid
© Instagram/ El Racismo
Racist incident in Madrid

The events occurred on the 77 city bus line in Madrid. Someone recorded it on video and the Es Racismo platform posted it on Instagram.

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They added the following caption to the video:

A racist and sexist attack on the 77 bus in Madrid. The attacker, whose name is Arturo (one of the people he was with yelled his name), hit a Latin American woman because she refused to change seats, and no one on the bus did anything to stop him. We want to feel safe when using public transportation. When will this end @emtmadrid? What measures will the company take to investigate this attack and the attacker? #WhiteSupremacy #EsRacismo #EMT #Madrid #PublicTransportion #RacistAttack #Sexism #Racism #RacialViolence

Es Racismo is a platform used to report and raise awareness about racism. There's a contact form on their website for anyone who wishes to report or share a racist incident.

Es Racismo stated: "We have been calling out institutional and social racist violence for years and almost all of our mentions these days say something along the lines of: "Vox is to blame." Which shows that 1. You were never willing to listen 2. It's much easier to blame racism on the extreme right than to look at oneself in the mirror."

Check out the video above for footage of the attack.

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