Video Game Company Atari Is Going To Open Several Hotels Dedicated To Gaming!

Atari is launching into the hotel business. 8 buildings will be built in the United States, each with an individual gaming theme and several eSport rooms...

Atari Hotel Design
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Atari Hotel Design

Don't let the setbacks of the latest retro console Ataribox make you think that the company is in trouble! Indeed, no less than 8 brand new hotels are under construction in 8 cities in North America.

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In partnership with a real estate developer in Arizona and a technological innovation company, the deal is worth a lot of money.

Located in Austin, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco and San Jose, construction will begin on the hotels mid-2020 (especially in Phoenix). The room prices have not yet been announced.

The contract between the 3 groups mainly relies on Atari for its notoriety. Thus, only 5% of the turnover will go to the French company, while about £500,000 were given to it upon signature.

This will help a little with the shipments of the Atari VCS (ex-Ataribox, several years late). The world of video games will, of course, be the main draw:

'Atari hotels will include common areas taking into account the latest hotel trends, with a focus on the universe of video games and the Atari brand. They will thus include a first-rate online gaming room and a playground in Atari's colours, but also meeting rooms, co-working areas, a kitchen, a bar, a bakery, a cinema and a gym. They target a family or professional clientele for luxurious, relaxed and original stays.'
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