This Couple Made an Incredible Discovery Whilst Renovating Their House

No, it doesn't only happen in the movies! This American couple of thirty years discovered over £17,000 worth of bank notes, carefully hidden in the foundations of their house since 1951! It was while doing work in their cellar that they unearthed this treasure, something they see no harm in using as extra finances...

23,000 dollars found in cellar
© Reddit
23,000 dollars found in cellar

A while ago, a Reddit user named Branik12 shared his incredible story on the forum, with photographs. The 30-year-old, living in Cleveland in the northern United States, was renovating his home, which he and his wife owned. After taking care of the floors, they then focused on their cellar, left more or less abandoned for decades.

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It was while they progressed here that Branik12 fell upon a small metal box, carefully hidden in the recess of the ceiling, between two frames. Not expecting much given the weight and size of the box, but piqued with curiosity, he called his wife so that they could open it together.

There they found three small packages, wrapped in wax paper, and a Cleveland local newspaper dated March 25th, 1951. When they opened the first package, they experienced a big surprise, finding a wad of cash banknotes in £20 notes...

'Where are the hidden cameras?' wondered Branik12, as he definitely didn't expect this surprising windfall. There were at least £1000, just in the first of three packages. But the story doesn't end there.

By opening the next two, he discovered, not bundles of £20 notes, but bundles of £50 and £100 notes as well! In total, he found over £17,000 that fell from the sky (well, the ceiling) that day. Taking inflation into account, in 1951 that would have been worth over £150,000!So a little advice if you buy a house: take the oldest possible, and especially, one with a cellar!

Take a look at the video above to see the couple's amazing find for yourself!

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