This Photo Of An Australian Football Player Provoked A Wave Of Shameful Sexist Hatred

On March 17th, Australian football player Tayla Harris made an exceptional technical move. This move was photographed and then circulated around the internet. However, instead of being praised for her prowess, the 21-year-old footballer was subjected to haters' sexist and unbearable comments.

This photo of Tayla Harris - a 21-year-old professional Australian football player - is impressive. She can be seen performing an exceptional technical move that ends with a goal for her team.

The photo was published by the Channel Seven TV station, which praised the young woman's technique. Then the Australian Football League (AFL) also relayed the photo and saluted her technical move. But the photo immediately became an outlet for the macho and sexist people who pollute the internet.

As a result, Tayla Harris had to endure the worst kinds of sexual criticisms from internet users, which deeply offended her.

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The Australian Football League was forced to delete the photo because the comments were so unbearable. At a press conference, Tayla Harris reflected on this sad story by saying, 'The comments I read were repulsive, it made me uncomfortable. I experienced it as sexual abuse if you can put it that way.'

Fortunately, the Australian player also received a lot of support from both anonymous sources and politicians. An investigation has been opened to find the cowards hiding behind their screens.

For its part, the Australian Football League (AFL), which had deleted the photo to avoid even more excesses, apologised: 'We are sorry. Deleting the photo sent a bad message. Many comments posted following our tweet were reprehensible, and we will do our best in the future to ban trolls from our pages.' In addition to the official apology, the AFL is reportedly considering the construction of a bronze statue of Tayla Harris in action! A great initiative!

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