McDonald's is giving out a 20% discount on its entire menu between 14 April to 20 April

Between 14 April and 20 April, every single item on the McDonald's menu will have a 20% discount.

It might be the fact that beer gardens are set to reopen next week or that glimpses of spring have brought about some much needed warmer days, but whatever the reason you won't wanna miss out on this crazy good offer: everything on McDonald's menu will be 20% off for an entire week!

Too good to be true?

What's the point of enjoying the cold, refreshing taste of a pint or two if you can't follow it up with a greasy and always-satisfying Big Mac afterwards? You all know what it's like to leave the pub and have your stomach craving a juicy, meaty burger accompanied by perfectly-seasoned chips (and heck, why not throw in a McFlurry in there too) before heading home after a night out. Well, imagine doing all of that but getting a very generous discount to make it even better!

Starting next Wednesday, 14 April (conveniently just 2 days after outdoor service for pubs and restaurants is supposed to resume), every single item on McDonald's menu will have a 20% discount until the following Tuesday, 20 April.

But with restaurants being closed for indoor service, you're gonna have to whip out your phone and order through their app for pickup.

Every single item on discount!

Best of all, this means that the newest additions to their menu will also be part of the promotion. This includes the Big Tasty, as well as the Big Tasty with bacon, and finally, McDonald's irresistibly crunchy on the outside but cheesy on the inside Mozzarella Sticks. And if you fancy chicken instead of beef, the Chicken BBQ Smokehouse Burger will be making a triumphant return as well!

So, who's ready for a double cheeseburger for just £1.27 or the classic Big Mac that will set you back a mere £2.63?

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