KFC is selling half price zinger stacks for this weekend only!

The weekend is finally here and to make things even better KFC has slashed the prices of everyone's favourite zinger stack in half in a one time offer!

This Saturday (25th of July) for just one day only KFC is basically giving away their zinger stacks in a limited offer that sees the price of the mouth-watering burgers slashed in half.

That's right, zinger stackers, that normally cost about £5.48, will be flying out of the kitchen at a measly £2.74. Now that's just a rough estimate as some stores prices may vary but rest assured that no matter what you will get 50% off your spicy fried chicken feast.

That means if you bring a mate then you can both score a zinger for the price of one! Or have them both to yourself, we don't judge.

But, before you get too excited put your phones down and get your masks at the ready because the deal is not available over the KFC app but only in-store.

All you have to do is mosey on down your nearest K-Fry and ask for a 'NOMO Zinger Stacker'.

However, the deal only works for the burger, not a meal so if you're after some french fries and soda to switch up your palette then they will have to be purchased separately.

So, if a spicy zinger stacker seems like just the treat to get your weekend started then get ready and dig those couch cushions because all you'll need is a little change.

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