How To Smash A Complete Workout Using Only Two Dumbbells

For the days when you’re really not feeling it, it's better to do this workout than nothing at all.

Sometimes one’s morale or form is not at its highest. Even if you are feeling a bit lazy and don’t feel like going to the gym, it's still good to go. If you are in the middle of a program, don't hesitate to schedule a workout to get out of your routine, which may have become robotic.

Whether you are motivated or not, this is not the key to success. It is rather how you go about your workout. It is better to train a little bit and in a light way, than not to train at all. That's why this little workout below can do the trick during your lazier days. In addition, it only takes a pair of dumbbells to do it.

The ‘lazy day’ workout with two dumbbells

1. Seated overhead press: 10-12 repetitions. Sitting on the floor or on a bench.

2. Reverse lunges: 10-12 repetitions per leg.

3. Sit up to overhead press: 12-15 repetitions. Perform a sit-up and then follow up with an overhead press.

4. Pushups + lumberjack pulldowns: 10-12 repetitions. Support yourself on the dumbbells, do a pushup and then do a lumberjack pulldown for each arm.

For the workout to be effective, all four exercises must be done without a break. Then take two minutes to recover. In total, do 3 laps of this circuit and your session will be over. You can also use it as a finisher.

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