A Simple and Complete Routine to Get the Perfect V-Cut Abs

Do you want v-cut abs but aren't sure which exercises will best achieve them? We've got the solution with this killer 4 exercise circuit that will cut your abs into shape.

V Cut Abs
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V Cut Abs

Firstly, we must note that your abs will never appear without a proper diet. Second, if you want that perfect v-cut you cannot forget to work your obliques. By eating properly and following this program you can attain that perfect v-cut in no time. Try and do the maximum number of reputations in accordance with your fitness level:

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1. Cross crunches - 10/15/20 repeats

Tip: Bring your elbow that goes to the knee, not the other way around.

2. Russian twists - 10/15/20 repeat

Tip: Keep the chest straight throughout the entire movement

3. Diagonal mountain climbers - 10/15/20 repetitions

Tip: Remember to keep your butt down

4. Heel touches - 15/25/35 repetitions

Tip: Keep your abs engaged throughout the entire exercise

The coach's tip: By targeting the obliques, you will gradually get the much sought-after v-cut.

Number of circuits: 3/5/8 depending on your level.

Rest: 30 seconds between each exercise.

Main muscles worked: Obliques

Secondary muscles: Rectus abdominus, legs

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Perfect Ab Workout That You Can Do at Home With No Equipment The Perfect Ab Workout That You Can Do at Home With No Equipment