She managed to exchange a pot of McDonald’s sauce for… a car!

Swapping a limited edition McDonald’s sauce for a car is a very good deal. Although, it depends what side you’re on…

She managed to exchange a pot of McDonald’s sauce for… a car!
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McDonald’s generated a lot of attention in the US by releasing a collector’s sauce in a limited quantity for fans of the series Rick and Morty. This sauce – called Szechuan – is, according to the series, the best sauce ever created.

It’s actually a product that was created in 1998 for the occasion of the film Mulan, but was never reproduced. 20 years later, the series Rick and Morty brought the sauce back into fashion, and fans were prepared to do anything to get it and dip their fries in it.

Rachel Marie, a young American woman, queued for several hours outside McDonald’s to get a hold of this famous sauce. She succeeded, and left with a little pot of it. But in light of the incredible craze she had just witnessed, she immediately understood that she had a product of some value on her hands.

On Facebook, Rachel offered to swapher pot of sauce for a car. “It doesn’t hurt to ask,” she explained to Business Insider. She didn’t know how right she was…a fan offered her his 2000 Volkswagen Gold worth several thousands of dollars, for a simple pot of Szechuan sauce.

Rachel Marie obviously accepted, and we get the sense that waiting several hours outside McDonald’s is sometimes a very good idea