Norfolk police search for man who sneaked into a farm to have sex with a horse

The man allegedly lured the horse with grains after turning off all but one of the security cameras in the stable.

Police in Norfolk, Boston are looking to identify a man who broke into a stable and had sex with a horse.

Around 4:30 a.m on Thursday morning, a security camera at Turner Hill Equestrian Stables showed the man in the horse stables.

According to the MetroWest Daily News, he appeared to use grain as a lure, and one of the horses came out of its pen.

The yet-to-be-identified man had allegedly turned off all the stable’s security cameras, minus one, which caught the act.

Hillary Swarr, the owner of the farm, told the newspaper:

To have someone break into your barn, pick out a horse like it’s a lady lover, pull her out, and manoeuvre yourself in such a manner for self-gratification is beyond me.

Horse unharmed

According to a police report, the horse that was sexually assaulted underwent thorough examination after the incident and it did not show any signs of injury.

Norfolk Police Deputy Samuel Webb said of the sexual predator:

He was familiar with horses... The way he was able to put the reins on the horses showed he knew what he was doing.

The farm owner Swarr has since warned other area horse farms about what happened.

The man could face several charges including sexual contact with an animal and trespassing, with the possibility of others, Webb said.

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