Police Brutality: Woman Suffers Serious Blows at the Hands of Police Officer

Pedestrians in the Netherlands witnessed a shocking scene: a police officer brutally attacks a drunken woman on the street after a verbal confrontation.

Woman Attacked By Police Officer
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Woman Attacked By Police Officer

Police brutality has been a hot topic as of late. After this incident in the Netherlands between two police officers and a young woman, it’s easy to understand why the conversation needs to happen.

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A woman, the alleged girlfriend of the arrested man, goes up to one of the officers to argue with him, when a police officer approaching to see whether it is well, she tries to hit him but accepts the counterattack police with powerful punches to her face. A bystander helps her up, by which time an officer has come over to her.

The video shows the officer striking the woman repeatedly until bystanders step in to help. But when it seems the cop is ready to let up, he takes out his nightstick and pushes everyone back before cracking the woman over the head with the weapon. Especially shocking, considering the footage shows the woman had more or less calmed down at this point.

According to the Rotterdam Police, the woman and her boyfriend were both intoxicated and arrested after they attacked a nightclub bouncer moments before.

Sexism and equal rights brought into question

The video has caused ambiguous comments on the internet as some argue that the behaviour of the police was extreme, while others claim the force was warranted. However, another question of ethics is brought into question when considering the use of so much force on a woman who undoubtedly much less physically imposing. Twitter and Facebook users alike have been quick to point out this fact, and question if the same measures would have been applied should it have been a man.

Both the man and the woman are currently in police custody. Rotterdam Police have launched an internal investigation into the matter. No word yet as to whether or not the officer has been put on leave.

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