This Thai Millionaire Is Offering £240,000 To Anyone Who Will Marry His Daughter

A Thai mogul decided to go all out to find a husband for his daughter. And there are already hundreds of candidates.

This Thai Millionaire Is Offering £240,000 To Anyone Who Will Marry His Daughter
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In the hopes of finding a husband for his daughter, Arnon Rodthong decided not to skimp on resources. On Monday, March 4, the 58-year-old Thai businessman posted a funny ad on social networks, in which he explained he was offering 10 million baht (over £240,000) to whomever would marry young Karnsita, aged 26.

A very tempting reward, to which the mogul added the keys to his durian trade business as an inheritance, specifies the Daily Mail. But the competition to "win" the young woman's hand is going to be fierce, as several hundred men have already responded to the announcement, even pushing Arnon Rodthong to organize a "tournament" to pick out the best contender.

A tournament scheduled for April 1 near the city of Pattaya. And during which the candidates will have to prove above all... their unfailing knowledge of the durian trade. "I want someone who will take care of my business and keep it running," said the millionaire. "If I wait for a son-in-law to come and ask for her hand in marriage, it will take too much time, so I'm looking for one now."

What about Karnsita? She appears to be comfortable with her father's decision. Especially since her expectations aren't very high: "I'm not difficult, I just want a man that I can bring to events and take selfies with."

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