There Is Something Off In This Photo... Can You Spot What It Is?

There Is Something Off In This Photo... Can You Spot What It Is?

Photoshop fails are many and hilarious. This one is one of them. But are you going to be able to spot what's wrong with this photo?

A surprising detail

At first glance, nothing seems shocking about this photo. And yet, on closer inspection, there is indeed something off.

While walking in the park with his brother and his nephews and nieces, an Englishman wanted to immortalise this family moment. The problem was there was no one around to take a photo of them.

A not so great idea

He then had an idea: he took two separate photos and then put everything together into one photo when he got home. After doing this, according to him, the photo was a success.

It was only a month later, when he looked at the photo again, that he realised he had made a terrible mistake: he left a third arm attached his niece dressed in purple.

This is what we call a huge fail! This photo then caused quite the buzz on the web, where you can see many other photos like this one which also has very surprising details.

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