This man was horrified after his pimples turned out to be something much worse

He had pimples and thought he would simply get rid of them with tweezers. When he started to extract the whitish substance, it wasn't just pus that oozed out...

This Man Was Horrified After His Pimples Turned Out to Be Something Much Worse
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We thought we'd seen it all when it came to gross pimple-popping videos and videos of people removing insects that have nestled themselves into nooks and crannies of the human body - but this footage combines the two, making for one of the most gruesome - yet oddly satisfying - videos we've seen yet.

When he went to pop his pimples, this man discovered that he was actually infested with a type of bug which usually lives in warm temperate regions. These insects are used to laying their eggs under the skin of mammals until they mature and hatch.

This horrifying footage shows what happened when he tried to pop his spots. Be warned, it's not something you want to watch whilst you're having your tea...

Take a look at the video above to see the stomach-churning footage for yourself... if you dare!