This Japanese dessert causes multiple deaths every year

Mochi, the much consumed Japanese dessert made from rice flour, claims the lives of many people every year in the Far East.

This Japanese dessert causes multiple deaths every year
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We wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t tried mochi, the gluey and elastic rice-based dessert coming from Japan.

Traditionally the dessert is consumed during celebrations, particularly at New Year’s. “A Japanese person consumes, on average, one kilogram of mochi a year”, Euronews explained.

The danger that comes from this chewy rice ball is not found in its ingredients, but rather swallowing of it. The true danger comes from consuming it too rapidly, therefore leading tochoking.

It’s key to be cautious when consuming the Japanese treat – make sure to chew thoroughly. In Japan, mochi took the lives of two people on New Year’s Eve, with numerous other cases of people being rushed to the hospital.

Those aged 65+ years old are most frequently the victims of this rice cake; 90% of all cases are reported to involve them.