This Incredible Bouncy Castle Is Strictly For Grown-Ups

This Incredible Bouncy Castle Is Strictly For Grown-Ups

This structure was created so adults could get back to grips with their inner child. The Beast, located in Belgium, is the largest inflatable structure in the world.

Do you think you’re too old to go on an inflatable? Think again! The Beast will totally change your opinion. This obstacle course was created for adults and requires a lot of skill and endurance. You have to climb, jump and face every kind of obstacle you can think of. Laughing fits guaranteed!

A well thought out structure

Benedikt De Vreese, owner of V-Formation, the company that created The Beast, spoke to the Daily Mail about his creation.

‘That’s why we built this, to create something special for adults but where they can be a kid again.’

They also claimed that the inflatable isn’t ‘always about power or speed, it’s about endurance and knowing yourself.’ What a day out…

An unusual size

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The Beast is made up of 32 inflatable components in total, that altogether measure 272 metres, the same size as two football stadiums. It’s simply incredible!

The structure currently resides in a nature park in Belgium and has also been to Hyde Park in London in 2017. Benedikt De Vreese has said that lots of countries in the world were interested as well and the good news is that the structure can be rented out to anyone who can afford it.

Check out the video above to see The Beast in action for yourself!

Anna Wilkins
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